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Arrive & Drive – a New Motor Finance Approach for 2022

Posted on:
January 11, 2022
Posted by:
Donal Murphy

The decorations are all down now and some of the early New Year resolutions may have already fallen away. Yes, pretty much everyone is back to work, albeit one with the necessary limitations created by Omicron as the pandemic rolls into its third year.

It has been a challenging (almost) three years for the retail motor industry and our whole country. People have been turning to the social distancing safety of a car and away from public transport. Demand has risen and at the same time, unprecedented supply issues for new vehicles and the knock-on impact upon used cars has seen supply constrained. The inevitable result has been rocketing prices for motor dealers and, subsequently, car buyers. All of this has happened with a continuing squeeze on peoples’ incomes created by multiple sources, not just the pandemic.

At Bluestone, we want to help make car purchasing more accessible and affordable in these unusual times. Here is our elegantly simple new product proposition:

– 0% deposit
– Terms up to 72 months
– Decisions in under an Hour, sometimes seconds, with our market-leading auto approvals

We call it ‘Arrive & Drive’ in the spirit of simplicity because that is precisely what it enables would-be buyers to do!

Yes, there are T&Cs because we want to ensure people can afford the car they want, but this is a genuine offer available to many. Even if an applicant does not have a perfect credit history, is self-employed or has limited residential status information, we combine leading-edge tech with the human touch to make more deals happen.

Available from our countrywide network of over 650 dealers, it’s another example of how Bluestone is working harder to bring car buyers and dealers together.

We hope it helps.

Donal Murphy
Managing Director
Bluestone Motor Finance

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This article was written by:
Donal Murphy

Managing Director - Bluestone Motor Finance

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