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Bluestone collaborates with car buying app Sweep

Posted on:
November 17, 2021
Posted by:
Donal Murphy

At Bluestone, we’ve forged a reputation as an innovative motor finance expert with a digital edge, hence our recent award success at Asset Finance Connect Awards in the ‘Process Improvement and Intelligent Automation’ category!

It is a long award title of which we are all very proud because improving processes and adding digital automation to our platform, and those of the organisations with which we collaborate are central to our distinctive way of working. Technology is the facilitator of our customer-centric culture. We aim to make access to vehicle finance easier for more people. To this end, we are proud to combine our tech and our people in a highly compelling hybrid proposition.

Millennials and Gen Z are set to dominate car buying in Ireland, and they expect a digitally-driven experience when it comes to car buying. A new car buying marketplace, has launched to meet their needs and their proposition to provide car buying for the TikTok Generation resonates with our approach. For that reason, we are delighted to have announced a new financing partnership designed to help an audience of car buyers often underserved by mainstream lenders.

With around 80% of car buyers requiring finance to conclude their purchase and about 90% of car buyers relying on online searches before making purchase decisions, online finance access is a natural part of the digital experience. We recognise that a level of human contact may be necessary for some young people to structure an affordable finance solution; this is what the Sweep/Bluestone collaboration now offers.

At Bluestone, we bridge the digital/human divide when it comes to car finance, and many of our customers are the very Millennials and Gen Z people that Sweep helps. Our digital model may not be able to help all people in this group automatically, but we don’t stop at the ‘computer says no.’ While we cannot always say yes, I believe we go that extra mile whenever we can. It is why our new link with Sweep feels so appropriate.

– Donal Murphy
Managing Director
Bluestone Motor Finance

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This article was written by:
Donal Murphy

Managing Director - Bluestone Motor Finance

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