September’s 222 New Vehicle Registration Figures Were Encouraging

We’re always avid spectators of the SIMI – Society of the Irish Motor Industry new car data as it is published each month. Our interest is two-fold; we are in the industry and hope for positive news and because it acts as a bellwether for the overall Irish economy.

September’s data was encouraging overall.

New car registrations for September were up 42.5% (6,340) when compared to September 2021 (4,449). Registrations year to date are up 0.7% (101,492) on the same period last year (100,745). EVs are gaining real momentum and September saw them achieve a 40.76% market share.

Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) grew by 6.5% year on year but remain down 20.5% in the year to date.

The one area of disappointment was the continuing decline in used car imports, which are so important to the used sector. A fall of 12.4% reflected the continuing shortage of available stock, notably from the UK, itself a reflection of the continuing shortage of new car sales since the outbreak of the pandemic. It is a situation that it unlikely to improve significantly in the coming months.

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This article was written by:
Stacey O'Connor

Head of Marketing - Bluestone Motor Finance

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